Fish on the bottom of the tank

This is a question comes up quite often, especially from beginners. The reasons behind guppy fish laying at the bottom of the tank can range from aquarium issues to pregnancy. So, why do guppy fish sit at the bottom of the tank and what can you do about it? Here are the most common reasons:. If you start seeing fry swimming around in the aquarium in a couple of hours, you can rest assured that the reason for her staying at the bottom of the aquarium was so she could release the fry peacefully.
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Why Does a Fish Lie on the Bottom of the Tank?

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Guppy Fish Laying on Bottom of Tank (6 Common Reasons & Remedies)

When ammonia builds up too much your betta could begin suffering from ammonia poisoning, which can quickly become fatal. Also if another chemical has accidentally been introduced into your tank then it could also be damaging your betta. On the other hand, if you have a filter you may notice your betta stays at the bottom of his tank as well. And it may be because the current coming from your filter is too strong. If this is the case, then your betta may stay at the bottom of the tank to avoid it.
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Freshwater aquarium owners, no matter how experienced, will always get that familiar feeling of PANIC when they approach the tank and see their favorite fish laying on the bottom of the tank. There could be any number of reasons for your finned friend to be on the aquarium floor, however, and many of them can be corrected. Why do Fish Lay on the Bottom of the Fishtank? Laying on the bottom can be caused by:. From stress to imbalances in the water quality, fish can have periods of time where they lay on the bottom of their aquariums, seemingly not moving at all.
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My fish is laying on the bottom of the tank still breathing and will go up and move but then it'll just go down and lay on the bottom of the tank what do I do? Check your water parameters. Ammonia, nitrates and nitrites and even the pH, my goldie did that because of a spike in the ammonia and the pH was getting to high. If those are good, try feeding it some frozen, peeled peas.
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