Similarities between embryonic and adult stem cells

Stem cells are the foundation for every organ and tissue in your body. There are many different types of stem cells that come from different places in the body or are formed at different times in our lives. These include embryonic stem cells that exist only at the earliest stages of development and various types of tissue-specific or adult stem cells that appear during fetal development and remain in our bodies throughout life. Beyond these two critical abilities, though, stem cells vary widely in what they can and cannot do and in the circumstances under which they can and cannot do certain things.
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Similarities between Adult and Embryonic Stem Cells

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Similarities Between Adult And Embryonic Stem Cells

But these functional differences between cell types may not be as drastic as previously thought, according to a team led by Konrad Hochedlinger of Harvard University, which published its findings Monday October 26 in Nature Biotechnology. There may be discrepancies when comparing iPSCs from one donor to ESCs from another simply because the individuals have different genetic makeups to start—including whether the cells originated from males or females. To obtain genetically identical stem cells, the researchers sampled two ESC lines, allowed the cells to differentiate, and then reprogrammed them into iPSCs. As expected, the iPSCs were more similar to their embryonic parents than to each other. However, the iPSCs still differed from the ESCs in gene expression; 49 genes had consistently different activity between the two types of cells. Despite the expression differences, both cell types were equally able to differentiate into a variety of nervous system cells.
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Similarities Between Adult And Embryonic Stem Cells

Most cells in the body are differentiated cells. These cells can only serve a specific purpose in a particular organ. For example, red blood cells are specifically designed to carry oxygen through the blood. All humans start out as only one cell.
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Jump to navigation. An adult stem cell is thought to be an undifferentiated cell, found among differentiated cells in a tissue or organ. The adult stem cell can renew itself and can differentiate to yield some or all of the major specialized cell types of the tissue or organ. The primary roles of adult stem cells in a living organism are to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. Scientists also use the term somatic stem cell instead of adult stem cell, where somatic refers to cells of the body not the germ cells, sperm or eggs.
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