Beta lays on bottom

I have a betta fish that I believe is sick. What could be wrong with my fish? A: Sluggishness and appetite loss can be a sign of many things ranging from something simple like water that is too cool to something more complex like a bacterial infection or parasites. I would start by looking at his water parameters to determine if anything is off kilter. Testing the water for toxins will be helpful too.
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My Betta is Laying on the bottom of the bowl, wont move, eat, or come up for air!

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Betta Laying on Tank Bottom - Fish Care

Just like every other animal, Bettas can get constipated. Betta fish have very tiny stomachs and so a lot of times new fish owners will overfeed their Bettas. Bettas who are constipated tend to bloat or may even float to the top of the tank, while still being alive. If your Betta is showing signs of constipation you can actually feed them a defrosted pea for extra fibre. Due to the amount of fibre in the pea, your Betta should poop within the next day or so!
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Visit your betta's tank with a flashlight one night after lights out; you will most likely find him sleeping on his side. Betta fish, especially the males, are beautiful and relatively easy to keep if you pay attention to their particular needs. Contrary to popular belief, these fish do not live in puddles, but in rice paddies where they get a varied diet. Variety is essential to their well-being.
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Discussion in ' Freshwater Fish Disease ' started by garrettwilson , Jul 5, Log in or Sign up. Aquarium Fish Forum. I got my betta fish about 4 years ago and I'm very attached to him.
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